Postpartum healing take 2


I spent many months studying, exercising and envisioning the birth of my Joshua back in 2013.
Looking back, it was more beautiful and perfect than I ever imagined. I assumed postpartum, that it would be the same….boy was I wrong.

The high of natural childbirth quickly wore off and I was a groggy eyed, hormonal, zombie that had no clue what she was doing.

Don’t get me wrong, I did have excellent support from my husband,  my parents,  my sister and my in-laws, but the key thing with help, is that you actually need to let them help! I didn’t with Joshua and I (we) suffered greatly from healing, severe fatigue,  poor breastfeeding and ultimately from depression.

I knew when I became pregnant with our daughter,  that I wanted it, no, it had to be different.

To spare you a lengthy post, it was different. You see, my mom recently resigned from her job which gave her freedom to be with me. My sister also was able to stay a week with us too.

Never have I been more humbled and more grateful that someone would lay down their schedules,  life, sleep,  etc to help me and my family recover properly.

It has almost been 3 weeks now and I will be heading home today with my family of 4.
Although still fatigued, it isn’t an overwhelming fatigue.  I feel healed, rested, well fed, loved and ready to face the coming days, weeks,  and months. My son has been well loved and cared for during this time which has been HUGE for my heart.

Because of this opportunity,  I have been up and around more quickly and my body feels great!

Please friends,  I encourage you, if you know someone who is needing postpartum care of any kind, please jump on that opportunity. Don’t tell them if they need anything to call, because it doesn’t work that way. Just DO something/anything.

It doesn’t have to be renting a house for a month and caring for them 24/7 like in my situation, but it needs to be something.

I am truly so grateful and extremely lucky that my parents and sister chose to bless me in this way. I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

Please know that as mothers we feel the
need to do it all, but we can’t do it effectively if we aren’t well.


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