A great October.


Hello friends,

October has sadly left us, but I am already looking forward to next October. I think October has to be my favorite month. It has near perfect temperatures, the colors are warm, the smells are uplifting, the magazine covers are exciting and the recipes are hearty and fulfilling.
October also has brought forth a lot of change here in the Bain household and its exciting to finally feel peace.

The biggest change for myself has been my work schedule. I was working the night shift, which is 7pm-7am. Most people agree that as newbies we have to endure this dreaded shift for quite sometime. Although in the beginning I thought I would LOVE the night life, it was nothing as I imagined.
My life didn’t work with everyone else around me, especially my husbands schedule. I never saw anyone and was always tired during the day and awake all night, by myself. It was such a lonely time for me spiritually, emotionally and physically. Loneliness was a badge I was wearing for a good 3 1/2 months.
So, I decided to request for the day shift and within 3 weeks I started! I am only about a week into it, and I feel refreshed and able. I feel like I will be able to take on my role as a wife, friend, sister, daughter with a lot more patience, love, grace, and thoughtfulness. It is such a sad time in life when you aren’t able to give but want so badly to. Its hard when your body doesn’t allow you to do want your mind and heart crave to do.
This season in life is such a treacherous learning time but I am learning and leaning on Him so much more.

A few noteworthy things have happened in October and I would like to share them 🙂

The day after my last night shift, I left for a camping trip with our youth group to Caprock Canyon.
These young men and women were full of life and excitement, which in turn made me feel young and carefree again. It was a time to relax and just enjoy each others company.
There was hiking, campfires, roasting marshmallows, capture the flag, great food and tents shared with friends.
It was nice to getaway and be involved, even if my part was a small one. Here are a few pictures:

Our guys played a lot of football

We have amazing parents who love to tag along!

Love them!

Then, for Halloween, our church did its 2nd Annual Trunk-Or-Treat. Last year Paul and I didn’t really do anything exciting with our trunk, nor did we dress up. So this year we wanted to do something fun and creative. Like I said in my last post, Paul dressed up as Charlie Brown, and I was Lucy.  It was SO much fun! I love stuff like this. And I love that my husband loves it too. He is the greatest side kick and feel so darn lucky to have him in my life. Here are a few fun pictures:

For Charlie 🙂

My man, building a dog house for Snoopy. He's pretty much amazing.


We won first place by the way....please excuse my head, it decided to cave in 🙂


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